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Crissy, rufus, rufus.<--Crissy and Rufus(x2)

Rufus, Crissy and the Horde (the multitude of Toadlets) are in the genus Bombina orientalis. They reside in two terrariums found in the Environmental Planning Section. These toads love to be fed crickets and waxworms. They also love to watch people... until they get very tired and start ignoring them. Now, they are not being rude, but merely pondering and meticulously planning their escape. This escape plan must be carried out as not to encounter the same fate as their friend LD-ette I. Crissy and Rufus do not do very much, but we love them anyways.


Michigan J

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Crissy and Rufus' Homestead (Left)
The Horde House - Toadlets Included (Right)