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Little Dude 2 El Gordo Gorf
Little Dude On His Throne
Little Dude II-El Gordo-Gorf

LD2 is a Pacific treefrog Hyla regallis, a California native, and a hell of a pool player.


Little Dude-ette was first seen making residence inside the faculty housing at UC Santa Barbara. She was a clever and feisty gal, but her procurement was swift. She possessed an amazing sense of trickery, and had made several escape attempts before her 350 mile trek up the Coast Ranges of California. She made residence in the Environmental Planning Section and proved herself worthy of much attention. Unfortunately, she heard the call of the wild (either a refrigerator motor or someone's espresso machine), and left in search of the meaning of life. The meaning of life happened to be the secret of an old Italian method of making dry salame. Little Dude-ette, we will miss you.

Enter Little Dude II (LD2 or Gorf). Similar to the acquisition of Little Dude-ette, Gorf was making passes at a kitchen faucet and from that day on his life would change forever. In the vein of Little Dude-ette, he proved a remarkable escape artist, squeezing through the smallest of holes. He was a predator, a survivor, and had a voice like a grinding clutch. He took up residence in the Environmental Planning Section, as well. From day one, he would sit atop his rock like royalty, and await the falling food or the mist of a water bottle. Crickets are his favorite food, and loves to sit atop his rock or on top of a bamboo pole. He eats all he wants and his transition to domestication came a lot quicker than was expected.

He is so comfortable now, that he does not feel the need to escape his newly found paradise of unlimited food and attention. However, his 120db voice was a little too much for his captor, and he was quickly transported to his permanent residence in a loving home in the Bay Area, where he serves as an excellent alarm clock. He needs no batteries, but requires a cricket refuel every two weeks. Damn! What a life.

Updated News - March '97: LD2 seems to have found a new friend. For the past month, he has been communicating with another tree-frog outside his captor's abode. This frog has just been located under low-cut junipers that are watered frequently. He has been there for a while and seems to have enough food and water to make this one foot patch a permanent residence. Unfortunately, the junipers are too dense to see the little guy, but if you make noise, he will usually talk back!!

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Last Updated 01.04.97